Brain Fog
- What is it?

- How to recognize it?

- How to treat it?

Live Webinar • Thursday August 11th • 1pm PT

Dr. Sara Whatley

Primary Care Doctor

Elya Lane

Corra Inc.

How does Brain Fog affect your life, and what can you do to change it?

How many of the following circumstances apply to you?

  • Felling fatigued
  • Feeling confused or "spaced out"
  • Slow thinking
  • Struggling to complete simple tasks
  • Being easily distracted + forgetful
  • Trouble staying organized
  • Struggling to "find the words" in conversation

You may be living with Brain Fog...

Brain fog, while not a medical term, can be defined as having a lack of mental clarity that can affect your ability to manage your day to day life.

What to do when you have Brain Fog...

The first step is to understand what your personal triggers are. In this webinar we show you the best way to track your symptoms and identify the correlations between your actions and your brain fog.

Can I treat my Brain Fog?

There are plenty of things you can do to prevent your triggers, and live a life of more clarity. This webinar will give you the tools and resources to do just that!

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